Supporting Learning

Student Learning

School District No. 83 provides additional supports and interventions to ensure all students have the best possible opportunity to be successful. These include the following:

  • Strong Start Programs
  • Ready Set Learn
  • Kindergarten Supports:
    • Orientation
    • Gradual Entry
    • Transition supports
  • Literacy Programs
    • Literacy Intervention Program
    • One to one reading
    • Summer Slide Reading Program
    • Valid Reading Program
  • Student Learning Programs for Students with Special Needs
    • Certified Education Assistants (CEA)
  • Behaviour Supports
    • Inclusive Support Program
    • SPARK program
  • Indigenous Supports
    • Indigenous Education Workers (IEW)
    • Success Coaches
  • Numeracy
    • Critical Concepts
    • Numeracy Helping Teachers

Special Programs

Additionally, to better meet the needs of all learners, School District No. 83 provides the following special programs:

  • French Immersion
  • Trades Careers Programs
  • Outdoor Learning
    • Outdoor Learning School
  • Educational Outreach Program (EOP)
  • The Storefront School
  • Student Leadership
    • Me to We Committee
  • Hockey Academy
  • District Music Program

Professional Teacher Learning

School District No. 83 has a number of ways to support teacher learning. These include:

  • The Instructional Leadership Team
  • Inquiry Programs for Teachers and Principals
  • Teacher Mentorship through District and NOSTA Mentorship Programs
  • Numeracy Helping Teachers
  • After school workshops
  • Non-Instructional Days
    • Ministry Designated Day
    • Curriculum Implementation Day
    • Regional Professional Development Day
    • Provincial Professional Development Day
    • School-Based Professional Development Days
  • Book Clubs
  • Summer Professional Development Sessions