SD83 District Learning Plan


Students are knowledgeable and empathetic to Indigenous worldviews and perspectives

• Ensure that culturally sensitive learning opportunities and environments are present for Indigenous students within regular classroom settings

• Ensure equity of access to meaningful learning and career pathways for Indigenous students

• Increase the presence of Indigenous culture, languages and history for all students and staff

• Provide opportunities for all staff to build awareness and understanding of issues related to equity and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action

• Ensure First Peoples’ Principles of Learning are incorporated across all subject areas from K-12.


Students pursue and demonstrate growth and self-awareness in academic and personal goals

• Recognize the value of diversity and provide equity of access, opportunity and outcome for all students, including: Indigenous students, students with disabilities/diverse abilities, and students from diverse cultural backgrounds

• The principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Response to Intervention (RTI), meaningful inclusion and personalization of learning are embedded into regular classroom instructional practices

• Student learning needs are primarily addressed within the context of a regular classroom. Place-based learning (beyond the classroom and in the community) remains essential for some learners.

• Effective assessment practices which include formative assessment and student self-assessment

• Build students’ skill and understanding of how to be an effective life-long learner (academic self-regulation and affective domain)

• Effective processes for communicating student learning, both formally and informally (student goalsetting conferences, K-8 Three Term Report Card, Gr. 9-12 Report Card, Competency Based Individualized Education Plans, Triangulated Evidence)

• Prepare students for their “journey through life ” with the ongoing process of self-discovery, development of self-efficacy, self-agency, adaptation, and learning from experiences in educational, work-related, and personal life contexts

• Increase staff and students’ personal awareness and responsibility for their mental health and well being.

• Supporting Indigenous student academic achievement through relationships, cultural identity, and personal well being


Students demonstrate proficiency in literacy, numeracy and core competencies

• Increase the degree to which the core competencies are developed through daily activities

• Build teacher capacity to utilize effective practices in reading, writing and numeracy instruction

• Increase the use of formative assessments to drive instructional practices

• To create assessment-capable students who can speak authentically about their learning.

• Effectively use achievement data to inform instructional practices

• Build skill in using effective practices to teach curricular competencies

• Increase teacher understanding of content at a deep level to support student engagement

• Increase teacher understanding of universal and essential supports to provide rich learning opportunities for all learners. 

• Increase the degree to which core competencies and social-emotional learning are embedded into daily instructional practices 


Students are involved in decisions that affect them at individual and systemic levels

Opportunities for gathering meaningful student input and data are part of our school and district practice. Examples include (but are not limited to):

• Student representation on school and district committees (as appropriate and meaningful)

• Focus group conversations

• Pathways of eligibility (course offerings and course selection)

• School Improvement Plan (SIP) process

• Middle Years Development Instrument (MDI) data

• Competency-Based Inclusive Education Plans (CB-IEP) process

• Student self-assessment/reflections on learning

• Goal-setting conferences

• Leadership/student council activities

• Class meetings


Information on Professional Learning & Inservice Strategies

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