SD83 Learning Plan Outcomes – Growth and Self-Awareness


Students pursue and demonstrate growth and self-awareness in academic and personal goals

• Recognize the value of diversity and provide equity of access, opportunity and outcome for all students, including: Indigenous students, students with disabilities/diverse abilities, and students from diverse cultural backgrounds

• The principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Response to Intervention (RTI), meaningful inclusion and personalization of learning are embedded into regular classroom instructional practices

• Student learning needs are primarily addressed within the context of a regular classroom.  Place-based learning (beyond the classroom & in the community) remains essential for some learners

• Effective assessment practices which include formative assessment and student self-assessment

• Build students’ skill and understanding of how to be an effective life-long learner (academic self-regulation and affective domain)

• Effective processes for communicating student learning, both formally and informally (student goal-setting conferences, K-8 Three Term Report Card, Gr. 9-12 Report Card, Competency Based Individualized Education Plans (CB-IEPs), Triangulated Evidence)

• Prepare students for their “journey through life“ with the ongoing process of self-discovery, development of self-efficacy, self-agency, adaptation, and learning from experiences in educational, work-related, and personal life contexts

• Increase staff and students’ personal awareness and responsibility for their mental health and well being.

• Supporting Indigenous student academic achievement through relationships, cultural identity, and personal well being


• myBlueprint, Capstone Presentations

• Targeted learning supports for students provided by school and district-level specialists and support staff

• K-8 Three Term Report Cards

• Mental Health and Well Being Programs

• Trauma-Informed Supports

• Bridge Programs, Storefront School

• Individual Achievement Program & Career Connections Programs