SD83 Learning Plan Outcomes – Demonstrate Proficiency


Students demonstrate proficiency in literacy, numeracy and core competencies.

• Increase the degree to which the core competencies are developed through daily activities

• Build teacher capacity to utilize effective practices in reading, writing and numeracy instruction

• Increase the use of formative assessments to drive instructional practices

• To create assessment-capable students who can speak authentically about their learning.

• Effectively use achievement data to inform instructional practices

• Build skill in using effective practices to teach curricular competencies

• Increase teacher understanding of content at a deep level to support student engagement

• Increase teacher understanding of universal and essential supports to provide rich learning opportunities for all learners.

• Increase the degree to which core competencies and social-emotional learning are embedded into daily instructional practices


• District Numeracy Program

• School-based data discussions 

• District Literacy Program

• School Improvement Planning Process

• Strong Start Program, K-3 Early Learning Framework, Ready Set Learn, Changing Results For Young Children (CR4YC)

• Seamless Day Pilot Project