Achievement Goals


The purpose of this site as our District Education Plan is to improve and report on student learning outcomes for School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap), in support of the Ministry of Education‘s mandate for the Educated Citizen, and the School District’s District Strategic Plan.


School Districts are charged with the responsibility of constantly improving student achievement. Success is measured by a number of key data sets which are shared publicly on Ministry websites, as well as by data sets that are developed and reported locally. The Ministry mandate is supported in the local context by District Strategic Plan outcomes under Students First. These outcomes are:

  • Students pursue and demonstrate growth and self-awareness
    in academic and personal goals;
  • Students demonstrate proficiency in literacy, numeracy, and
    core competencies;
  • Students are involved in decisions that affect them at
    individual and systemic levels;
  • Students are knowledgeable and empathetic to Indigenous
    world views and perspectives; and,
  • Students have successful experiences from K-12 that prepare
    them for a life with dignity and purpose during their school
    years and after graduation.


It is our intention to reach and maintain the following benchmarks as a school district by the fall of 2023:

goals 2

The 83Learns sub-committee is developing and identifying additional district assessments in order to provide a more complete view of student learning as they transition from kindergarten all the way through grade twelve.

Current Areas of Focus:

In order to meet our goals, we have chosen to focus on the following areas:

  • Early Literacy Intervention: This identifies non-readers in grade one and, with intense intervention, brings them to grade level by the end of the year.
  • Numeracy Team: Three areas of numeracy focus have been identified:
    • Critical concepts for kindergarten through grade nine
    • Development of numeracy assessments for kindergarten through grade nine
    • Implementation of numeracy helping teachers to support instruction
  • Graduation Success Support: New Graduation Program Processes have been put in place to support students through school completion. These include changes to how the Evergreen program is used, a more fulsome system of tracking and supporting students in partnership with senior staff, modernizing assessment and credit recovery strategies, improved data collection, and more strategic timetable design.
  • Instructional Leadership Team: The district created twelve part-time (.2) teaching positions to work in teams designing learning opportunities and working collaboratively with teachers in support of full adoption of New/Renewed Curriculum.